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GK Leader Maya Faison, 16, talks to Times Ledger about her family's experience during and after superstorm Sandy's hit New York City. 


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The Rio +20 Earth Summit: One Teen Activist's View 

Anchor Marco Werman of Public Radio International talks to 18-year-old Global Kids activist Alysha Huggins about People's Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice and the roles of political leaders and activists in today's world. 


Alysha is one of the thousands of young activists pressing for a new greener approach to human development.


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A Trip to Solar One 

Greening Western Queens Week 1 

Global Kids Environmental Justice Institute


Written By: Lamissa Tasmin, a Sophomore at Bryant High School

HRAP Green Summit Scheduled for June 6th, 2013 

HRAP Leaders Rally In DC!