A Trip to Solar One

Global Kids Environmental Justice Institute


Written By: Fatima Maryam, a Junior at Bryant High School


Have you ever thought about having a more green environment? A small place in Manhattan called “Solar One” will take your breath away. It is surrounded by water and covered with Solar Panels. One thing that everyone notices when they first walk to the community is the FDR Drive. Despite having a high way running next to Solar One, it is a green community. It teaches the community about Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Clean Energy Connections. A personal favorite part of traveling to Solar One is a live look at the technology that helps our environment. It not only gives the community hope for a safe, clean, and better Green tomorrow but also serves as an inspiration to other communities. The first word that pops in to anyones head when they see the Solar panels and the beautiful plants at Solar One is “cool” and it truly is magnificent. They have native plants growing in the park and  bike lanes. It is a wonderful and peaceful place.


If you want to find out more information about Solar One, visit their website, www.solar1.org. Solar One is just one of those beautiful places you need to see for yourself, I cannot express in words the beauty of this place. I can truly say Solar One is an inspiration to all the communities trying to be greener.