RPM Youth Manifesto 2015

As part of the Sustainaware campaign, Global Kids and youth from the Connecticut Audubon Society composed this youth manifesto on sustainability:


We, the youth environmental activists of Connecticut, recognize the negative effects of climate change on all living organisms and the lack of environmental awareness in communities across the nation.


We firmly believe we are the generation that must make the vital changes needed to avoid the major irreversible consequences of climate change. Using our creativity and greater capacity for empathy we will stand united for change.


It is evident to us that to make the necessary changes we will need to both educate and empower the people, especially the frontline communities. Accurate environmental education must be available to all, and mandatory in our schools’ curriculum. Environmental justice must be essential in our school systems.


In addition, we demand more outlets and organizations in each state to support youth environmental activists. This country must create and promote more programs that promote more programs that incorporate green practices that engage the community in green upkeep.


We hold these beliefs to be self-evident for all who wish to promote the longevity of the earth and our place on it as well as to protect our human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.