HRAP Chooses A Campaign

Bryant HRAP students at the Brooklyn Grange.


The Global Kids Human Rights Activist Project has officially chosen its 2013 climate campaign. Each Global Kids HRAP site from around New York City voted to Build More Green Roofs on NYC Public Schools as the campaign they want to focus on this year.


Green Roofs take many forms but at its core it is a movement to green urban infrastructure by using underutilized roofs to house green spaces. These green spaces can run the gamut from small roof top gardens, to small open area green spaces for gatherings, to full fledged rooftop farms as in the picture.


Students voted on the Green Roofs on Schools campaign for a many reasons. One major reason were their experiences visiting the Brooklyn Grange. The Brooklyn Grange flagship site is located in Long Island City and is one of the biggest rooftop farms in the country. Global Kids Leaders have been inspired by their numerous trips to the Grange rooftop farm. The site provided educational opportunities where they have learned a great deal about farming, nutrition and green roof construction.


The construction of a Green Roof involves structural testing for  load bearing capabilities, site inspections for by applicable government agencies, additional infrastructure such as irrigation systems and maintenance crews for the plant life/space once construction is completed.


The main campaign goal: to convince the NYC Department of Education to launch a green roof on schools pilot program by installing one new green roof on a school in each borough. The students are very excited about this campaign as not only will they be making a positive environmental impact on their communities but they will also be able to potentially reap the benefits of their efforts with enhanced classroom experiences and knowledge of green infrastructure. Green Infrastructure Jobs are also a major component of President Obama’s economic policy.