Greening Western Queens Week 1

Global Kids Environmental Justice Institute


Written By: Lamissa Tasmin, a Sophomore at Bryant High School


The first week of the Greening Western Queens Summer Institute  was packed with trips, workshops and new people. The first day we started with the basics, an introduction of the institute new project and new staff. I met new students interning with me from all over western queens. The second day the interns were divided into small groups and we went on a human scavenger hunt. On the streets of the community, we asked the people of Astoria and Long Island City about climate change. We asked "if it is a human rights issue?" We also asked "if people were aware of the environmental problems affecting their community?" The last thing we asked was the community was if they they know "what is a green roof?"Just those two days were packed hear about the next three.


On Thursday, we went to PS.41's green roof. It was a wonderful experience. We learned how much people contributed to that green roof, especially their students, their teachers and the rest of the local community. On Friday we had a guest speaker, Dr. Sharon Jay who provided us with information dealing with New York Public school's sustainability. After she left  Global Kids leaders were given a school here in the city and we just researched about it. Everyday was provided with two reporters that introduced the day. Week one of the Greening Western Queens Summer Institution was over.