GK Superstar Writes to the Next Mayor for Climate Change Education!


Last Saturday some of the students who attended the Powershift conference got together to talk about how Powershift impacted them and how they could continued to shift power here in NYC. We could not miss this opportunity to have the students take a mini action to honor the elections happening on November 5th, 2013. The students worked on a PSA, which is being edited and I will share once its ready, to tell the next mayor that NYC teens want a climate champion for mayor. In addition, HRAP GK superstar Makayla wrote a letter to the next mayor expressing the city's need for a mayor who will bring climate education to NYC public schools.


Here's the letter:


Dear Future Candidate,


    I am a senior in high school and unfortunately, I will not be in the public school system long enough to feel your lasting effects. However, that does not mean that I do not have the power to speak my voice. I have had the opportunity to take living environment, chemistry, physics, and Advanced Placement physics. Throughout these courses, as a budding climate activist, I always looked for a connection in these classes to the realities of climate change that are happening TODAY.


    The lack of climate and environmental education is where I think that the New York City Public School system has failed me. The generation that is currently in school will have to face future climate change disasters and pending issues long after you are gone. It is important to for them to be prepared to take on such task. This, of course begins with education. I believe that climate education should be integrated into our core sciences.


                Preparation is key and it starts with education and how and who learns it.


Thank You for your time,

Makayla Lydia Comas