GK Leader Samri Hadu shares why she believes educating our youth about climate change is important



I am a 17 year old high school student and I am worried about the future of this city and the world the youth will inherit. New York City is a beautiful pot of diverse culture, food, education, art, and culture. Whether it is art, economic, fashion, or education, New York City is an inspirational center of this world. As a hub of the world's intersection, New York has the responsibility to change the way it sees climate change. New York City needs to divest from fossil fuels and embrace green and sustainable technology that already exist today. In this upcoming mayoral election, I want New York City to vote for a leader that will help mandate that NYC's schools will educate on climate change and sustainability. I want New York City to show the world that educating our youth on climate change is important because they will shape the policies and social conditions that their children will inherit.