Drawing the Line: Amosh Neupane shares why he is a Climate Activist


My name is Amosh Neupane and I am a seventeen-year-old Climate Rights Activist. I stand with hundreds of thousands of others in this nation to oppose the chaos of Key Stone XL pipeline is bound to bring in our homes.


Someone who comes to mind when I think of why I am a climate activist is Severn Suzuki, a.k.a 'The Girl who silenced the World For Five minutes.' To those of you who haven't seen that video on Youtube, I recommend that you check it out ASAP.  Severn really did silence the world for five minutes with a speech she gave at the Earth Summit held in 1992 in Rio De Janerio. It's been more than two decades since she gave that speech. After reflecting on that speech, I wondered: have we done justice to her valiant effort of standing in front of the leaders of the world and speaking her heart? It didn't take me long to figure out the answer.


But the silver living is, we are trying. As few as we may be amongst the billions that live on this planet, we are taking action on climate change to protect our fellow animals' habitat, the vast lush green forests that nurture millions of species of plants, those about to be extinct 'Pumas', rivers that provide water for our survival, and humans most endangered by climate change. I oppose the Key Stone XL pipeline because is not just a threat to America but it is a threat to the world.


I am a climate activist and I represent Global Kids. Global Kids is a youth organization that supports youth to learn about and take action on human rights. We organize youth-led climate campaigns because we know that climate change is the most pressing human rights issue in our lifetimes. Honestly, I didn't care about the climate or the environment before joining Global kids. Not that I didn't do anything related to those term--I did. But I Global Kids helped me to make the connections between human rights, climate change, my community, and my life. Global Kids has energized the dormant activist in me and helped create the person standing here today.


The mere thought of the changes the world will see in the next few years gives me goose bumps. I want the world to survive till infinity. We won’t stop until we get what we demand—starting with our government saying no to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Our fellow climate activists around the world will support and encourage us because this pipeline will not just affect North America, it will change the way nature works. When I marched with hundreds of other people in September to take a stand against the Keystone XL Pipeline, my heart jumped with excitement and delight. I'm optimistic about what the future holds for us. I believe that the Key Stone XL pipeline project will end and America will move more and more towards sustainable energy, which is the example other nations and the world needs.