Sustainaware 2014

Sustainaware is a project that connects eight partner youth organizations from eight different countries to promote the inclusion of young people in the decision-making process of sustainable development. More specifically, this initiative aims to improve youth knowledge, interest and leadership on Environmental Health, Green Economy and Social-Environmental Entrepreneurship. Sustainaware Facebook page:


The eight partner organizations represent Slovenia, India, Argentina, Nigeria, Croatia, Liechtenstein, United States and Hungary. We invite you to learn more about Sustainaware's partner organizations. Please visit:

1) No Excuse Slovenia (Slovenia) &

2) Blue Ribbon Movement (India) &

3) Fundación TierraVida (Argentina)

4) Nigerian Climate Youth Action (Nigeria)

5) O.A.Z.A. (Croatia) &

RPM Youth Manifesto 2015 

As part of the Sustainaware campaign, Global Kids and youth from the Connecticut Audubon Society composed this youth manifesto on sustainability:


We, the youth environmental activists of Connecticut, recognize the negative effects of climate change on all living organisms and the lack of environmental awareness in communities across the nation.


We firmly believe we are the generation that must make the vital changes needed to avoid the major irreversible consequences of climate change. Using our creativity and greater capacity for empathy we will stand united for change.


It is evident to us that to make the necessary changes we will need to both educate and empower the people, especially the frontline communities. Accurate environmental education must be available to all, and mandatory in our schools’ curriculum. Environmental justice must be essential in our school systems.


In addition, we demand more outlets and organizations in each state to support youth environmental activists. This country must create and promote more programs that promote more programs that incorporate green practices that engage the community in green upkeep.


Meet Samrawit Hadgu 

I my name is Samrawit Hadgu and I am a Junior at Curtis High School. I have been in Global Kids for three years now. Freshman year I became really active with the Global Kids site at my school. When my GK trainers, Ranti and Justin, first told me about the Human Rights Activist Project I knew that was the program I most definitly had to be a part of. Since then Molly has inspired and encouraged me to be an active leader. It is a treat to be able to travel with Forhad and Jatnna for SustainAware-Slovenia 2014. The first time I travel with them Forhad blew me away with his perspective on educational reform at the Free Minds Free People conference in Chicago and Jatnna pushed me to be more vocal at the Power Shift Conference in Pittsburgh. 


SustainAware Slovenia Pre-Departure

I still can't explain how excited I am for our trip though I'm sitting on the plane now, writing this. I'm so honored to be apart of SustainAware and represent Global Kids on this trip. I am really looking forward to the local days of action. I am interested in learning more about the issues the other organizations are working. I am most excited to meet with other SustainAware participants and learn about the work they do. I also look forward to our beautiful stay by the coast of Izola, Slovenia.


Day 1

Meet Forhad Shah 

My name is Forhad. I’m a Junior at Long Island city high school and I’ve been involved with global kids for about a year and a half now. In that time, I’ve worked on the Green Roof project and we’ve successfully managed to get a green roof on Bryant high school. That was quite an experience, having to facilitate workshops with both adults and youth. Pitching our ideas to Principals and teachers and other such officials. Besides that, working to promote knowledge about climate change has been quite a rewarding experience as well.


SustainAware Slovenia Pre-Departure