On this edition of #WITNESSLive, American actress Monique Coleman interviews climate scientist Dr. Pushker Kharecha, attorney Kelly Matheson and Makayla Comas on the effects of climate change and how video and legal action can quash government apathy at the YouTube Studios in Manhattan. 


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Brooklyn Community Radio interviews GK leaders about Environmental Activism 

Brooklyn Community Radio's The Many Shades of Green speaks to HRAP Director Molly Delano and GK Leaders Antoinette Stone, Taylor Ware, and Shanea Tucker about their roles and projects at Global Kids. 


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GK Student Provides Personal Take on Climate Change 

School Book highlights Maya Faison work as a Global Kids Activist and Leader and her amazing response to super storm Sandy.


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In The Wake Of Sandy, A 16-Year Old Climate Activist Speaks Her Mind 

Maya Faison gives a personal narrative to Climate Progress on the obstacles she faced in the aftermath of super storm Sandy and her dreams for the environmentally sustainable future. 


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GK Leader Maya Faison, 16, talks to Times Ledger about her family's experience during and after superstorm Sandy's hit New York City. 


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The Rio +20 Earth Summit: One Teen Activist's View 

Anchor Marco Werman of Public Radio International talks to 18-year-old Global Kids activist Alysha Huggins about People's Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice and the roles of political leaders and activists in today's world. 


Alysha is one of the thousands of young activists pressing for a new greener approach to human development.


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