HRAP Citywide


Composed of NYC youth representing a range of high schools in NYC, the Human Rights Activist Project builds off of previous campaigns to influence political leaders to honor promises made at the United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit, as well as calling for an end to oil subsidies. This year’s HRAP campaign will seek to energize thousands of youth in creating more sustainable communities.



I am a 17 year old high school student and I am worried about the future of this city and the world the youth will inherit. New York City is a beautiful pot of diverse culture, food, education, art, and culture. Whether it is art, economic, fashion, or education, New York City is an inspirational center of this world. As a hub of the world's intersection, New York has the responsibility to change the way it sees climate change. New York City needs to divest from fossil fuels and embrace green and sustainable technology that already exist today. In this upcoming mayoral election, I want New York City to vote for a leader that will help mandate that NYC's schools will educate on climate change and sustainability. I want New York City to show the world that educating our youth on climate change is important because they will shape the policies and social conditions that their children will inherit. 



GK Superstar Writes to the Next Mayor for Climate Change Education! 


Last Saturday some of the students who attended the Powershift conference got together to talk about how Powershift impacted them and how they could continued to shift power here in NYC. We could not miss this opportunity to have the students take a mini action to honor the elections happening on November 5th, 2013. The students worked on a PSA, which is being edited and I will share once its ready, to tell the next mayor that NYC teens want a climate champion for mayor. In addition, HRAP GK superstar Makayla wrote a letter to the next mayor expressing the city's need for a mayor who will bring climate education to NYC public schools.


Here's the letter:


Dear Future Candidate,


Drawing the Line: Amosh Neupane shares why he is a Climate Activist 


My name is Amosh Neupane and I am a seventeen-year-old Climate Rights Activist. I stand with hundreds of thousands of others in this nation to oppose the chaos of Key Stone XL pipeline is bound to bring in our homes.


GK Leaders Speak on BBOX Brooklyn Community Radio 

Students to Hold Panel Discussion in Honor of Human Rights Day 

CFR Roundtable

Global Kids students in the Human Rights Activist Project are thrilled to be hosting an intergenerational panel discussion on December 10, 2013 in honor of Human Rights Day. The topic of the panel is "Exploring the Connections Between Human Rights and Climate Recovery." This event is free and open to the public. Details will be posted as they are confirmed.