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This School Year, We Wish for Climate Change Education by Kazi Ateea 

Climate change is important because it affects our everyday lives. Melting glaciers,  rising sea levels, and extreme weather are becoming the norm of our lives. In our current global situation, it can be seen with our very own eyes, that our world is falling apart. Day after day, climate change is not only affecting humans but all life on Earth. We are not taking care of our planet the way we should be. However, the people most affected by it are often not aware of how detrimental it is. Developing nations are paying the price for the injustices done by the more But who are those that will be MOST affected by the effects of climate change? The youth.


As the future leaders and caretakers of this planet, the youth will have to face the worst which is yet to come.


Fossil fuel companies and climate change deniers are aware of their actions but continue to heedlessly do as they please. They are polluting our planet and making life more difficult for future generations.


The youth need to have a say in what is happening today. We cannot afford to deal with this tomorrow because this is a NOW problem.  People need to know what is happening to the planet they call home. An article by NovaNext stated that the more people are educated on climate change, the more likely they are to believe it,  as opposed to those who do not believe and are not educated on it. Yet students in some states, such as Wyoming and West Virginia, are being taught that climate change either does not exist or is not human made.



Climate Change Education Campaign 


In the 2013-2014 school year, HRAP students continued to build on their climate change work focusing on the issue of climate change education.  HRAP students wrote a petition mandating climate education for all New York City students.  They collected over 3,000 written and online signatures.  This work led up to a rally at New York City Hall in June 2014, which was attended by partners Alliance for Climate Education and New York City Council Members Costa Constantinides and Donovan Richards, among many other supporters.


Through a colloborative process with GK Leaders, Council Member Constantinides introduced into New York City Council chambers Resolution 0375-2014 calling for climate change education in all New York City school.


Click here to check out our students' latest petition urging NYC Council Members to endorse Resolution 0375-2014.